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Lutherrose.svgFor children: Teaching the faith is the highest privilege given to parents. The documents below are meant to assist parents in this effort.

The Catechism is to be memorized according to age.

The Story Bible is available here.

For all: Pray the Catechism. The basis for all catechesis at Living Word is Luther’s Small Catechism. It directs us to clear passages of Scripture to teach the simplicity of the faith. It also serves as a wonderful prayer book as we take the Word of God and repeat it back to Him. We are not chiefly concerned with knowledge, but with faith grounded in the Scriptures.

These documents are being updated for 2023-2024 A✠D.

This series is adapted from Lutheran Catechesis: A Comprehensive Guide to Catechesis for a Lutheran Congregation by Peter Bender © 2011.

1st, 2nd Commandments

3rd, 4th Commandments

5th, 6th Commandments

7th, 8th Commandments

9th, 10th Commandments

Conclusion and Review

1st Article – Creator

1st Article – Preserver

2nd Article – Person

2nd Article – Work

3rd Article – Creator of faith

3rd Article – Sustainer of faith

Lord’s Prayer – Address, 1st Petition

Lord’s Prayer – 2nd, 3rd Petition

Lord’s Prayer – 4th Petition

Lord’s Prayer – 5th, 6th Petition

Lord’s Prayer – 7th Petition, Conclusion

Baptism – 1st, 2nd Part

Baptism – 3rd Part

Baptism – 4th Part

Confession and Keys

Office of the Keys

Holy Communion

Holy Communion

Holy Communion