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Living Word is a confessional Church. We hold God’s Word to be the only authority for Christian teaching and conduct. Christians are called by Christ to believe all of Scripture, even the parts that are difficult, if not impossible, for humans to understand (Revelation 22:18-19). In order to distinguish the proper teaching of Scripture from those who teach falsely, we unequivocally hold to the Book of Concord.

The Book of Concord is the proper teaching of the Christian faith as handed down by our Lord Jesus to His Apostles and recorded in Holy Scripture. Throughout the history of the Church, errors have crept in. These must be recognized and discarded since false teaching destroys faith. The Book of Concord clearly sets forth the true teaching of the Christian faith on the basis of Scripture so that we may more easily recognize the errors that still arise within the Church.

I invite you to browse the link below. If any questions arise during your reading, feel free to contact Pastor Frey.

Book of Concord