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The alb is designed to fully cover the pastor’s personal clothing. This takes the focus off of the pastor. It is white to remind us that God has washed our sinful, filthy robes and made them white in the blood of Christ at Holy Baptism. It completely covers to indicate that Christ’s righteousness completely covers us.

The cincture is a rope around the waist of the pastor. It keeps the alb in place. More importantly, it is a sign of purity. It reminds the pastor that all sinful desires dwelling within him are to be extinguished so that he leads a pure life. He is to emulate Christ’s life and so be an example to the congregation in life and conduct.

The stole is draped over the pastor’s shoulders and matches the color of the season. It is a sign of the Office of the Ministry so only those who are ordained wear a stole.  The stole hangs in such a way to indicate rank or liturgical position. It reminds the pastor that he is unworthy to be in this Office and that only because of Christ will he and the Faithful receive the rank of eternal life in the Lord’s Kingdom.

The chasuble is the outer garment of the pastor worn only during the celebration of Holy Communion. Like the stole, it matches the color of the season. It is symbolic of the yoke of Christ. It is decorative showing the glory that is Christ’s. It also hides the pastor in order to place the focus on the Office the pastor holds. It is Christ serving His people through the pastor. The pastor is simply the mouth and hands of Christ.