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The Nativity of Our LordThe Nativity
(Meaning and Design) – coming soon
(In memory of Andrei Olenicoff)

The Calming of the SeaThe Calming of the Storm
(Meaning and Design) – coming soon 
(In memory of Richard and Vivienne Stellway)

The Feeding of the Five ThousandThe Feeding of the Five Thousand
(Meaning and Design)
(In memory of members since 1973, Rev. Dr. Allen Beyersdorf, and Norma Skartland)

The Raising of LazarusThe Raising of Lazarus
(Meaning and Design)
(Dedicated to Jesus from the members of Living Word)

The Ascension of Our Lord
(Meaning and Design)
(Dedicated to our Lord from a loving member)

Baptismal Window